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We are versatilely creative and we want to share that with others…

A reading marathon


Poljane stage: 0, a festival of contemporary ideas Indigo, 8.9. 2016 at 19.00, Mini teater Ljubljana, a Poljane grammar school/ Secondary school for design and photography, holders of activity: Katarina Torkar Papež, Damijan Kracina, screenplay and direction


Flashmove event, 10.9.2016, organised by Sportna zveza of Slovenia and Europe. Holder of activity: Mateja Pandel


Poljane stage: The sky is above us –  opening of the courtyard. Screenplay and direction: Katarina Torkar Papež and Nataša Žiger.


Commemorating the memorial of hostages, in association with Ljubljana municipality , holder of activity: Mateja Pandel


Waldorf school event, in association with Ljubljana municipality, holder of activity: Mateja Pandel
Christmas-New Year’s concert – BNK, holder of activity Nataša Žiger, in association with Mateja Jakša Jurkovič and Uroš Bizilj


Poljane students for children– a New Year’s play for Ljubljana kindergarten children and our staff’s children, holder of activity: Mateja Pandel


Parada tehtnih besed – final rhetoric presentations, holders of activity  Katarina Torkar Papež, Darinka Marc
Lectures on art periods (from middle ages to romantics), holder of activity Marko Trobevšek


Talks with poetesses, holder of activity: Marjana Lenasi Lipovšek


Preparation for the oral matura exam 2017: Lyrics poetry, epics and drama / The history of Slovene language/ Language sociality, holder of activity Katarina Torkar Papež and others (by prior arrangement)


Poljane music evening–  a concert by students that attend music schools (June), holder of activity Mateja Jakša Jurkovič


A lecture and discussion with Jure Rifelj, a representative of office of Republic of Slovenia in Palestine, holder of activity: Marjana Lenasi Lipovšek


Draw the line: European artists against hate speech (Creative Europe programme)


25 years of internet in Slovenia, in association with  Jože Štefan Institut, a competition for the best essay

Our goal is to offer quality education by means of using modern and varied ways of teaching. At the same time we pay special attention to extracurricular activities that enrich school life.