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Foreign teachers

Foreign teachers have been a part of Gimnazija Poljane  since 25 years ago when the school had a reputation for being a “language” school due to the variety and quality of languages offered.


Gimnazija Poljane made another step forward in the 21st century. We joined two projects – European classes and Obogateno učenje tujih jezikov / OUTJ (Enriched foreign language learning) that were led by Zavod Republike Slovenije za šolstvo (National educational institute). We actively implemented the programme of quality learning and teaching of foreign languages and thus had added value for all participants – students, teachers and the school.


Both project ended but our school still employs foreign teachers.  We have incorporated the realisations and acquisitions from both projects into our regular teaching of foreign languages. We develop cross cultural communicative competence i.e. the ability to communicate in foreign languages and your mother tongue with the sensitivity to other cultures. We do so at a cross curricular level i.e. within the foreign language subject, within other subjects and at an interdisciplinary cross curricular level; by teaching in an authentic way i.e. including foreign teachers as speakers of their mother tongue into the curriculum as well as implementing didactic principles of team teaching i.e. a teacher and a foreign teacher teaming up together.*


We are proud of the fact that our school is known for the variety of languages, cross curricular learning and to conclude in the words of Juan Ramón Jiménez: »To have another language is to possess a second soul.« 



*adapted from OUTJ (Enriched foreign language learning) materials