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Grammar school programme

Grammar school programme consists of compulsory and elective subjects. Compulsory subjects are the same for every school. Students have to choose a second foreign language upon enrolling in Gimnazija Poljane. Our school offers six modern foreign languages (besides compulsory English, students can choose from French, Italian, German, Russian and Spanish). There are three unassigned weekly lessons in Year 2 and 3. They are intended for elective subjects. The school decides which electives students can take. There are two options: natural sciences or a third foreign language option. Students make a choice at the end of Year 1.


Grammar school programme – natural sciences

Students take an additional lesson in physics, chemistry and biology in Year 2. In Year 3 they take three lessons of rhetoric.


Grammar school programme – a foreign language option

Students take a third foreign language in Year 2 and 3. They can choose between five foreign languages.

Compulsory subjects

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Compulsory subjects

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Elective subjects

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Compulsory subjects

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Elective subjects

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Compulsory subjects

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Elective subjects

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Students have to choose subjects in the range of 8 to 12 lessons.

Compulsory electives


Our curriculum is also comprised of compulsory electives that differ from regular lessons in their implementation. Compulsory electives encompass 300 hours that are partitioned through the years. In the first three years, students have 90 hours and in Year 4 they have 30 hours. Some are regulated by the programme (civic culture, library and information science, cultural and artistic subject matters, sports days, health education, family, peace and non-violence education), some are chosen by the school and some are chosen freely by the students. The most common ones among the latter are making a research, voluntery social work and numerous field trips and camps.