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International exchanges

Connecting with our peers across the borders…

An international exchange is an above standard activity that is carried out as a part of compulsory electives in Year 3. Students go and visit the host country for five days, two out of those are intended for excursions and the remaining three for project work at school. International exchanges are meticulously planned and they follow the goals set in our yearly school plan. The main goal of having international exchanges is developing the awareness of multilingualism and multiculturalism. We intend to reach this goal by implementing modern ways of teaching in an authentic environment, allowing students to have an active role whilst using their gained knowledge. We also expect students to experience personal growth while in a new environment and surrounded by new people.


International exchanges for school year 2018/2019:



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Our goal is to offer quality education by means of using modern and varied ways of teaching. At the same time we pay special attention to extracurricular activities that enrich school life.