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After successfully finishing Year 4 of grammar school, all students need to pass splošna matura (=college-prep leaving exam / baccalaureate). Matura is taken in the spring term or in the fall term.


Matura consists of five exams – three compulsory subjects and two elective subjects. Students can choose from all matura subjects that are regulated by the grammar school programme:

– compulsory subjects:


  • Slovene
  • maths
  • a foreign language

– elective subjects:


  • foreign languages (English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish)
  • Latin
  • biology
  • philosophy
  • physics
  • geography
  • informatics
  • chemistry
  • psychology
  • sociology
  • art history
  • history

Students choose the subjects and levels (basic/ higher) according to the Pravilnik o splošni maturi (Ur. l. RS, št. 29/2008) and Matura exam catalogue.

For more information go to National Examination Centre website.