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Poljane code of conduct

Poljane code of conduct is not about students or teachers. It is about people that coincidentally share the same space and important parts of their lives. Poljane code of conduct is not a list of rules but rather a joint reflection on behaviour and intrapersonal relationships. This is all that truly matters.




Poljane code of conduct


I say hello.

I treat everyone with respect.

I come to class regularly and on time.

I cooperate in class and contribute to class discipline.

I get my grades without cheating.

I come to class prepared.

I eat only during my lunch break.

I take care of school property and my personal belongings.

I care for the environment.

I solve conflicts in a peaceful manner and in the interest of all parties involved.

I do not endanger myself or others with my behaviour.

I contribute to the reputation of our school.

I respect general human values, diversity and characteristics of other people.