Poljane grammar school

Poljane grammar school dates back to 1889, when it was originally established as a lower secondary school. In 1900, it expanded into an upper secondary school and was renamed the 2nd Royal State Secondary School of Ljubljana. School reforms throughout the turbulent 20th century brought numerous changes to its name and curriculum. Nevertheless, Poljane remained true to its grammar school traditions.


Today, the age of our school is only apparent in the architecture of its building, erected in 1907. Nearly one thousand students and just over 80 employees work in its renovated classrooms, equipped with modern teaching aids and equipment. Through the use of modern teaching methods, the school is successfully continuing its century-long tradition as one of the finest and largest Slovenian grammar schools.


Our school offers two grammar school programmes – the general and the classical, with both programmes remaining consciously faithful to providing broad education by developing skills in all subjects. Students at our school can choose between six modern foreign languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Italian) as well as Latin. Though grammar school students are required to take two foreign languages, most of our students opt for a third modern language as well.


At our school, we encourage interest in natural sciences by forming natural science classes, which receive an increased number of lessons in natural sciences, all of which take place in chemistry, physics and biology classrooms, equipped with the latest teaching equipment.


The field of humanities and social sciences, on the other hand, is especially lively with numerous interdisciplinary activities and pupils’ research papers. Among elective subjects, the students can also choose rhetoric as part of Slovenian language.

We take pride in having created a positive working environment with our specialized classrooms, the school assembly hall, a large, modern cafeteria, a renovated library, the fitness room, etc.


Our school boasts students with above-average academic performance, who achieve excellent results at matura (the national school leaving examination) and various competitions.


We are well-known for a wide range of elective subjects available, for our international exchanges, excursions, student camps, a great diversity of extracurricular activities and clubs, numerous projects as well as a variety of ways in which we co-operate with the parents.


Our goals are to arm our students with high levels of knowledge, nurture respectful relationships and create a friendly school environment.