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The library

Our school library has a long tradition, as evidenced by well-preserved copies of old and rare books. We hold a special archive collection of old Latin and Greek books. There are over 20.000 units of library materials organised in accordance to the UDK system. Our library is a fully-fledged COBISS system member. The school library is a central learning and information centre and it offers the following:

  • Well stocked library shelves,
  • A wide variety of Slovene and foreign print,
  • Music on CDs and movies on DVDs,
  • The usage of computers for school work and browsing the internet,
  • Help with writing seminar papers,
  • Various exhibits,
  • Playing chess,
  • A comic book and fairy-tale corner,
  • A spacious reading room for studying, group work and informative collaboration.

We invite you to explore bright corners of the library…

Library and information science


Library and information science or LIS is carried out through compulsory electives. It is the common knowledge about information sources, their selection and usage. Students assimilate this knowledge and  they are able to independently use it even after finishing secondary education. The programme of LIS entails the development of all literacies, especially the information literacy as the means of identifying information needs, gaining, understanding, evaluationg and using information from different sources. Information literacy is becoming important in the lives of an individual and in the lives of social groups. It is for this purpose that we put emphasis on how to use library materials, information sources and how to develop the competence for independent learning. We also show students how to actively use their free time, also by reading fiction or non-fiction. We want to care for their personal growth.


Seminar papers – a how to guide for writing and text formatting

Working hours


Monday – Friday:          7:30  – 15:15



Telephone: (01) 231-60-73
e-mail: knjiznica@gimnazija-poljane.com




Irena Brilej: irena.brilej@gimnazija-poljane.com
Katarina Jesih Šterbenc: katarina.jesih.sterbenc@gimnazija-poljane.com