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Young researchers

We explore areas that we are particularly interested in…

Poljane grammar school has students researching specific topics as a part of Science for youth. The research papers are first presented at the school, followed by a presentation at the regional competition that occurs at Rihard Jakopič primary school. The best research papers are then presented at the state competition in Murska Sobota.


The state competition has two rounds. Regional committees forward research papers into the first round – those receive a bronze award. State committees study the research papers and the best ones have another presentation, entering the second round. Those research papers are up for a golden award.


The regional competition is sponsored by Mestna občina Ljubljana (Ljubljana municipality). The awards are as follows: book prizes for posters and a trip to Southern Italy (Rome, Naples, Vesuvius, Pompeii, Florence) for research papers. Zoran Jankovič, the mayor of Ljubljana, comes and greets the best young researchers in person every year. He holds a speech for them and congratulates them on their achievements.

Our goal is to offer quality education by means of using modern and varied ways of teaching. At the same time we pay special attention to extracurricular activities that enrich school life.